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About Us
RealEstateStan is a full service real estate firm located in Ft. Pierce, FL. For nearly a decade,
they’ve been providing expert real estate services to individuals, banks, and asset managers across
the country. As part of their recent expansion, the firm’s management has sought out and assembled
a unique team of real estate professionals to provide their clients with exceptional service and
outstanding results. By utilizing current and emerging technologies, and creative marketing techniques,
the team at Real Estate Stan helps ensure the best possible outcome on every transaction.

The Right Team For The Right House
A property’s price plays a significant roll in how quickly it sells. Determining what to ask, or
how much to pay, should not be a guess. Getting it wrong can cost you thousands. While creative
marketing can help bring top dollar, a property priced above its value can be difficult to sell, and
may stay on the market much longer, causing additional holding, taxes, and maintenance costs.
RealEstateStan takes the guess work out of property valuation. Their team of skilled
professionals can assist you in determining your property’s value before you buy or sell. They
offer a refreshing blend of old fashioned service, creativity, and high tech tools to maximize your
results, and ensure you get the best outcome possible. Discover the benefits of working with RealEstateStan
for yourself.
They can be reached via email at, or via phone at 772-618-4821.
Stan Jackson
Stan has been evaluating and selling properties since 2005, and is the resident broker
and visionary behind RealEstateStan. He began his career selling life insurance. He
later pursued his interest in real estate and finance and became a mortgage broker, which
led to his career in real estate. As a real estate professional, Stan has developed expertise
and a solid reputation for buying and selling properties based on accurate market valuations.
He has sold millions of dollars of real estate from both MLS and off-market sources. Stan’s
career has not been without challenges. He learned many valuable lessons when he set his career
aside for two years to care for his wife following her brain surgery. In addition to learning the
importance of spending more time with family, he also realized the importance of having a solid team
of seasoned professionals to keep things running smoothly when significant life events arise.
The recent changes at Real Estate Stan have been made with this in mind, and ensure consistent
operational performance, and optimum results for their clients. Stan’s ability to provide
exceptional leadership, and assemble the right team, provides you with the highest probability
of success.
Deshanda Ganus
As an experienced real estate professional, Deshanda brings a wealth of knowledge and
diversity to the team at RealEstateStan. She is extremely organized and takes a
personalized approach with each and every client she works with. Her vast experience makes
her well suited to work with a wide variety of clients, including individual home owners,
real estate investors, and corporate and commercial property owners. She understands each
transaction is unique, and implements creative solutions to avoid the cookie cutter approach
used by so many in today’s fast paced impersonal world. Deshanda has been involved in
advising real estate clients, and selling properties in many areas along the east coast of
the United States, and brings that broad market knowledge and expertise to the team at
RealEstateStan. Deshanda is another reason why working with the team at RealEstateStan
will help you get the results you seek.
Kerry Lehman
As a newly licensed agent Kerry brings a fresh marketing perspective and unique skill set
to the team at RealEstateStan. He has spent over 30 years in the video and media production
industry creating visually dynamic, results oriented media products for individuals and
corporations. His innovations and marketing results have been featured in multiple industry
publications, and he’s been a multi-year presenter at international industry conventions.
Because of his attention to detail, he was also selected to judge the industry’s international
creative excellence awards competition. In today’s visually driven world, getting noticed can
be a challenge. Kerry’s creative skills, marketing experience, and attention to detail can help
get your property noticed. He is one more reason why working with the team at RealEstateStan
can give you that competitive edge.
Angel McBride
As a highly experienced real estate agent, Angel brings an organizational advantage to
RealEstateStanas manager of operations. She is responsible for organizing, implementing,
and operating the various systems and processes that help the entire team achieve maximum results.
Angel understands and manages the day to day activities that must be accomplished to
generate exceptional results. She is detail oriented, highly organized, and helps to
ensure every member of our team stays on track throughout the entire process. From meetings,
to paperwork, to property showings, and everything in between, Angel helps keep the entire
operation running smoothly. She has excellent people skills, and will make you feel like
part of the family. Angel is yet another reason why working with the team at RealEstateStan
is the right choice.
Jonathon Schwenzer
As an Experienced computer programmer in over 10 languages for over 10 years, Jonathon,
specialized in automation of tasks to ensure the utmost accuracy and timely receipt of
important documents and information. He works behind the scenes making sure the entirety
of our team is properly equipped with the latest and greatest technological advancements
and tools to make sure we at RealEstateStan provide you with the fastest, smoothest, and most
beneficial experience in buying or selling a residence.
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